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With over 40 years’ experience in custom plastic roto mould solutions, we’re proud to offer market leading support for our customers. Kingspan Titan Excel work in partnership with clients across the world to deliver innovative custom plastic mouldings.

Through our custom roto mould offerings, our aim is to make what customers do easier, better, faster and more profitable.

Project support from start to finish

As your expert design partner and custom molding company, we’ll take your product idea from initial concept drawing to delivery on your doorstep, with cost efficiencies built in at every point. Kingspan Titan Excel build a unique partnership between our customer, our design team and our world class engineering team through all stages of the development process. In addition, we are experts in offering custom rotational moulding solutions for the Agricultural, Construction and Civil Engineering and Transport industries. The result – a completely custom moulded solution that delivers value every day to our clients. 

Take the first step to delivering a rotomoulded project that excels above the rest. Speak to our expert Kingspan Titan Excel team today on or call +44 (0)28 3836 4640.

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